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Cool Springs Law Firm Delivers Winning Defense for Chapel Hill in Utility Tap Lawsuit

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—April 21, 2014—Franklin-based Cool Springs Law Firm has successfully defended the Town of Chapel Hill in a developer-brought lawsuit over the reallocation of water and sewer taps.

In an opinion handed down April 15, 2014, the Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld an earlier ruling by the Marshall County Circuit Court in the case of Ronald Lampley, et al v. Town of Chapel Hill, Tennessee, et al.

Real estate developer Lampley purchased taps for public water and sewer utilities from Chapel Hill and, per the same agreement, the town extended the sewer line to the project site. However, Lampley lost the property to foreclosure before any development occurred. When the land was later purchased by a third party, the town transferred the associated taps to the new owners. Lampley sued for $250,000 in damages—the full amount he had initially paid—claiming the taps were still his to use elsewhere.

Attorneys Todd Moore and Matthew Crigger effectively argued the municipality’s position that the water and sewer taps allocated for a certain project were tied to the land—not to the developer.

The higher court affirmed that position, finding that the initial agreement between the town and the developer sufficiently “evidences the parties’ intention that the sewer and water taps were to be used in connection with the development of the property the developer owned when the agreement was executed.”

The opinion further states: “When the developer lost the property through foreclosure, the developer had no more interest in the taps.”

Lampley has 60 days to file an appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court.

The win for Chapel Hill means thousands of taxpayer dollars saved.

Moore, who serves as Town Attorney, said he appreciates the opportunity to represent the municipality’s interest. “We are very pleased to have achieved a favorable outcome in this case, which amounts to a significant savings of public resources.”

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